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Nashville Day 2

No rain today, just a lot of heat. Tensions were running high so we decided it was best to wait out the heat and skate in the evening. We headed out to some cliff jumps with Keegan and Zorro to cool off for a bit.

Percy Priest Lake.
percy priest lake

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VA Beach Tour Teaser

Super Size!

Live from the South by South East Tour.

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Nashville Day 1

Our arrival into Nashville was greeted with sever thunderstorms and rain. We all went out skating yesterday hoping for some better weather conditions, which quickly deteriorated as soon as we got into skating a spot.

Justin and the weather forecast.
Justin Rain

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Crailtap Mini Top-Five with Scuba Steve

Super Size!

Watch this latest video from Crailtap with Scuba Steve on the éS South by Southeast Tour making his rounds on his early morning wake-up calls to gather up the troops.

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Yesterday we spent the day in Knoxville, TN. Thanks Taylor and the Pluto crew for taking us out skating. We got a bit of bad weather in the middle of the day, but we managed to find some other entertainment.

Rick warming up the guitar.
rick mccrank guitar

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Day of Driving

Yesterday was the longest drive of the trip. 560 miles of highway, a whole day event. We crammed in the van, most too tired to get up, and enjoyed some solid traffic for the first two hours, just to get out of the Virginia Beach area.

John put this shirt on to constantly remind me how he felt about the van ride.
john rattray miserable

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Virginia Beach

Yesterday was our mellow day on this tour, all of us needed a little beach time. No street skating, just a mellow demo and signing over at 17th St.

The morning view enjoyed by Kevin Terpening with a coffee.
kevin terpening coffee

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North Carolina to VA Beach

Last day of NC, we headed to Virginia Beach last night, skating along the way. Thanks to everyone who showed us around, we all had a really fun time, can't wait to get back there.

Had to try and skate the Durham courthouse on the way out of town, didn't get to long there.
durham courthouse

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Raleigh/Durham Day 2

We found out why the van was smelling so bad, Josh and Stevie left some Indian food in there overnight, combined with some dirty the laundry, mostly the whites.

John taking care of some business.
john rattray dirty shirt

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Raleigh/Durham Day 1

Started the day off meeting up with éS flow rider Kent and Bob Reynolds down at Vertical Urge for a quick warm up session.

Justin was on the window.justin vertical urge

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