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Jimmy McDonald Interview and Video on

Take a gander at this new Jimmy McDonald interview and video that was just posted by ESPN magazine!

Go here for the interview.

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St. Cloud, Minnesota Skate Plaza Grand Opening

All of the skateboarders in St. Cloud, Minnesota and the surrounding area are tipping their hats and thanking Austin Lee this week, all of his hard work paid off and the city had the grand opening of their new skate plaza this weekend. A few years back, Austin approached the mayor and asked about getting a skate plaza for St Cloud. From there, Austin did his research and has had a large hand in the skate plaza becoming a reality. With Austin, the city of St. Cloud, Kanten Russell with ASD, and donaters, the skatepark officially opened yesterday in the snow. éS pro, Kellen James, Marius Syvanen, and Tyler Surrey made the trip out to St Cloud for the opening. Check the photos here as well.

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New SK8MAFIA Saturday Featuring Kellen James

Check out this new SK8MAFIA Saturday that just dropped over the weekend featuring Kellen James.

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éS x SK8MAFIA x Kellen James Square Two Commercial

Super Size!

Our good friends over at SK8MAFIA created this commercial for the new éS x SK8MAFIA x Kellen James Square Two colorway that is in stores now.

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To Europe With Love - Part 3

Super Size!

Here is the third and final installment of éS To Europe With Love video. The entire video will be available to download in one full clip, next Monday, November 8th here on the éS Skateboarding website.

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Javier Sarmiento Video Retrospective

Here is a video retrospective of Javier Sarmiento that SK8MAFIA just blasted out. Check out those skills from way back when and he still nails it today.