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Rodrigo TX Introduces Thrasher Classics: Marcus McBride

TX chooses one of his favourite Video parts and introduces it over at Thrasher Magazine. What is your Favourite TX Video part?

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Grinding & Turning Competition from John Rattray

Somehow this passed us by last week. You could have won boards and trucks from éS's own John Rattray.

Missed the competition - well the Video is still worth watching to see some grinding and turning Innovations by John.

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Rodrigo TX Venture Competition

Tx Venture Advert

Over at Venture Trucks win Rodrigo's new Pro Truck. While you're there check out some never before seen Sequences and below revisit these gems from earlier this year to remind you Rodrigo is Always On The Grind and has explosive pop like C4.

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Posted October 31, 2011. 3 Comments

Jimmy McDonald & 5Boro vs éS Square Two

Super Size!

After The Berrics had the first look yesterday of the new Jimmy McDonald video part, here it is in our own éS player in case you missed it, or if you want to see it again. The video is also up on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

éS Square Two Fusion vs 5Boro
& T-shirt are available in selected skateshops worldwide.

Follow 5Boro and on their Facebook

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McCrank McCrailed again

Buy the Vancouver Rick McCrank's latest and greatest shoe for éS available now. Double Wrap Vulcanised and thoroughly tested by Rick himself.

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“Good Luck” - Premiere Tonight 20th October in Encino

Go see this film : “Good Luck” - Premiere Tonight 20th October Encino

Video by Derek Heydle. In Association with Chocolate Skateboards, and Val Surf Skate Shop.

Feat : Stevie Perez, Lamare Hemmings, Lalo Trejo, Casey Morrissey, Val Arkenstone, Graham Harrington, Tislam Smith, and Cyril Jackson.

A collection of Val Surf Team Riders, Employee’s, and Friend’s have spent the past couple years filming, traveling, laughing, and sweating on An Independent Skateboard Film called “Good Luck”.

Each skater featured brings their own distinct style and approach to skateboarding, making for a unique independent skateboard film. The majority of the squad in this film ride our shop boards and whatever shoes they can get their hands on. “Good Luck” is a documentation of two years worth of good times, hard work, friendship, and travel.

Laemmle Town Center 5
17200 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA 91316