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6 More Oliver Barton YouTubes Picks

Oliver Barton picked 6 more videos as a tribute to 16 years of éS. Here's the Mike Anderson edit from a while back, check the Transworld blog for the other 5 videos.

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éS presents: Mark Ward: As Seen On TV

Thursday 11th August saw the opening of Mark Ward’s As Seen On TV art show at Kemistry Gallery in London, and the official launch of Mark’s collaboration collection with éS. Big thanks to everyone who came down, after the recent riots it was good to see such a strong turnout. Mark’s work received an incredible reception with several works being sold on the night.

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Stevie Perez Slip N Slide

Stevie Perez and some of his homies filmed some cool stuff on a slip 'n slide over at The Berrics.

Slip 'N Slide at The Berrics with Stevie Perez and friends

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Bobby vs. The Edgar Teaser

Super Size!

Wear testing equipment and methodology for skateboarding footwear has dramatically advanced in the last decade. Millions of dollars and man hours are spent on super-computers, state-of-the-art cameras and high-tech machinery to research, develop and improve skate-specific needs like durability, grip, comfort, protection and more.

For Bobby Worrest, however, this isn’t enough. He wanted to ensure that the shoes bearing his name were ones he thoroughly tested himself, the old fashioned way.

So he skated the new Edgar model for nine months—a stitch in time we like to refer to as “Man vs. Shoe,” and a testament to who is more durable.

The teaser is also up on our Vimeo channel.

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Joe Brook Top 5

Epicly Trife caught up with Joe Brook in the woods for a top 5. Viva la FATBACK!!!

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Sk8mafia Saturday August 6th

The Sk8mafia crew in San Diego isn't slowing down with filming. Here is another Sk8mafia Saturdays with Kellen James and the homies.

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éS Game of SKATE with éS Europe rider Mark Frölich

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The éS Game of SKATE and the simple rules of the game were created in 2003 by the éS Team. There are imitators, but the éS Game of SKATE is the original. éS rider Mark Frölich talks about his éS Game of Skate.
Make sure you have fun skating with your friends or local crew during one of the events that are taking place in Europe. For dates and locations check the éS Europe Facebook page.

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Postcard From China With Rodrigo TX

Super Size!

The last one in the postcard trilogy. Rodrigo TX responds from China to the postcard he got from Javier Sarmiento from Thailand.

Filmed and edited by Anthony Claravall.