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Metro Tours Our STI Lab

Our friends of Metro skateshop came by our offices a few weeks ago and toured through our STI Lab to get a close look on the testing machines and the STI Fusion technology.
See if éS flow rider Daniel Dubois and Metro owner Joel Jutagir know what all our machines are for.

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Mongo Man Video

Another rad video that the Machotaildrop/Manwolfs crew made. Mongo Man! Check the Zosimos tumblr for more rad photos and videos.

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Postcard from Thailand With Javier Sarmiento

Super Size!

The second video of three. This is Javier Sarmiento's reply from Thailand to the postcard from Brazil with Rodrigo TX. Filmed and edited by long time filmer and friend of éS Anthony Claravall.

Rodrigo's reply coming this weekend. Stay tuned!

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Kevin Terpening In Life Splicing 2

The second clip in a series of Alien Workshop. Our am Kevin Terpening puts down some sweet tricks in one of the better TFs in Los Angeles, CA.

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Postcard from Brazil with Rodrigo TX

Super Size!

Anthony Claravall, long time filmer and friend of éS, made 3 really cool edits with Rodrigo TX and Javier Sarmiento. The first one of the trilogy is with TX in Brazil. Look out for Javier’s reply from Thailand later this week.

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Think Video Trailer

The new Think video, featuring éS am Josh Matthews, is dropping this coming winter.

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éS Game of SKATE with Sewa Kroetkov

Super Size!

The éS Game of SKATE and the simple rules of the game were created in 2003 by the éS Team. There are imitators, but the éS Game of SKATE is the original.

Sewa Kroetkov from The Netherlands is the absolute Game of Skate master. He has won multiple éS Game of Skates, including two European finals and one international final in the USA. In this video Sewa talks about his weaknesses, where he’s good at and what he likes best about the éS Game of SKATE.

Make sure you have fun skating with your friends or local crew during one of the events that take place in Europe. You can find dates and locations on the Facebook event page (updated regularly).

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Be A Manwolf Today

Super Size!

All this for some ... shoes !?!

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Identity Skate Night Video

A few weeks ago we invited Identity Boardshop for a night session in our TF. Here's a cool video edit of that night. Thanks guys!

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Josh Matthews Spread In Concrete

The new issue (#113) of <a href="">Concrete Magazine</a> out of Canada has a Portugal article in it with Josh Matthews. Watch the <a href="">footage</a> if you missed it

The new issue (#113) of Concrete Magazine out of Canada has a Portugal article in it with Josh Matthews. Watch the footage if you missed it