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Atiba's iPad App Walkthrough

Super Size!

Atiba loves it. So should you.

Get it in the iTunes Store!

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Thrasher Magazine's Double Rock Lock-Down

Thrasher Magazine's Double Rock Lock-Down is coming. Here is the first teaser for the feature. Double Rock Lock-Down features skating from éS pro, Mike Anderson and new éS AM's Kevin Terpening and Josh Matthews. Be on the look-out for more information soon.

Posted March 3, 2011. 8 Comments

The éS Ecosse Has Landed

éS Interviews John Rattray

What was your longest board slide prior to the one you did in the Ecosse video?
Probably one that was in Strange World. 20 feet maybe.

Was it your first time sliding over knobs on a curb? You seemed to handle it very well.
You mean in that promo video we made to promote the éS Ecosse? Yeah, first time. Knob sliding virgin. Just went fast and did a board slide.

Rattrays New Ecosse Shoe

What is the difference between Scottish Breakfast Tea and English Breakfast Tea?
Scottish breakfast tea is smoother and more maternal.

Have you gotten a chance to use your new sponsor Poler’s equipment yet?
I've used the hoody to keep me warm in the great outdoors and the sleeping bag to keep the director of Machotaildrop warm at my house so yes.

Have you set a goal on how many followers you are tying to reach on twitter? I noticed you are pushing 1000.
No. But I do quite like it for it's information filtration attributes.

Rattrays New Ecosse Shoe

What is up with the Predatory Bird, where did that name come from?
Aberdeen, Scotland, the city I grew up in is home to huge numbers of Herring Gulls. They are highly aggressive and will attack you for the tiniest scrap of kebab or bag of salt and vinegar crisps or whatever. I'm pretty sure that the Herring Gulls, Larus Argentatus have cross bred with the larger Black Backed Gull, Larus Marinus, to create a Super Harpy Gull that now exists to torment the poor souls that inhabit the north east of Scotland. Those are the inspiration for the Predatory bird. It's a tribute to the idea that we must be always watchful of the world around us and in particular the skies lest the Gulls attack.

Lets talk about your new shoe, the Ecosse, do you think its capable of doing the mega ramp?
The éS Ecosse is fully capable of doing the mega ramp, yes. Absolutely.

Rattrays New Ecosse Shoe

How many stairs do you think it could handle?
How many you want?

There are some technical aspects to your shoe that you really seem to enjoy noting. What are they?
Breathable tongue, heel lock, PU footbed, EVA midsole, Rubber outsole, clean stylish toecap for doing flip tricks.

What is going on with Cold War, how is the part looking?
I have the skeleton of a part and my plan is to skate as much as possible between now and the video coming out so that I can put some meat on it's bones. I told Jamie that if I didn't have a full part in this one I would have to commit suicide and he said that if that's the case then we should really make it work. So hopefully we manage to make it work.

Rattrays New Ecosse Shoe

Any big filming trips planned right now?
I'd like to do a trip to SF soon, a trip to the north west and Canada and a trip to the UK towards summer. That's what I'd like to do but I'm always open to suggestions.

Aberdeen is very grey, why is that?
Aberdeen is made primarily of locally quarried granite. Granite is grey. Aberdeen has been referred to as the silver city though because the quartz and mica flecks in the granite sparkle in the sunlight on clear days, which are not as rare as you might think.

Have you found any good places to enjoy white pudding in Encinitas?
Nah. I eat local.

Does the queen really enjoy jalapeno poppers?
I don't know but they definitely serve them at the British pub near Scuba Steve's house which leads me to assume that yes she does.

You can catch a pair of the Ecosse shoe now, worldwide.

Interview conducted by Scuba Steve.

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Blind Skateboards This is Not a Test Premier

<a href="">Blind Skateboards</a> will be premiering their new video this month at the Tampa Pro contest at the <a href="">Skatepark of Tampa</a>. The video is entitled This is Not a Test and features the buttery skills of <a href="">éS AM Kevin Romar. </a>

Blind Skateboards will be premiering their new video this month at the Tampa Pro contest at the Skatepark of Tampa. The video is entitled This is Not a Test and features the buttery skills of éS AM Kevin Romar.