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First Blood: Cycle Collaboration
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Cycle has been a figure in the Washington DC graffiti and skate scene for nearly 20 years. With Bobby’s interest in graffiti, and the fact that the crew of skateboarders in DC is so tightly knit, it was only a matter of time before he and Cycle collaborated on a project. But, the best way to understand how this came about is to read it in Cycle’s own words:

In the early '90s, I was going to college in Washington DC. While I was there, I did a bunch of graffiti and spent a lot of time skating Pulaski Park. I’d spend my weekends down there, zipping around. I was lucky enough to get to know and skate with the likes of Chris Hall, Brian Tucci, Pep Martinez and Jimmy Pelletier, among others. A couple of years back, I was visiting DC for a weekend and ended up meeting Bobby at a bar.

We hung out and had a few beers, exchanged numbers, and a few months later, he called me up and said he was headed to New York. I let him crash at my house for a week, where he drank all the beer in my refrigerator. Since then, whenever he’s in NYC, he gives me a call.

Bobby mentioned that he was getting a pro model shoe from éS and asked me to do some graphics for a collabo with him. Chris Hall suggested I do a painting for Bobby, which was awesome because I always prefer doing art by hand when I get the chance, rather than sitting behind a computer.

I had only one rule: I asked Bobby what his favorite color was and he said, “Yellow!” Who the hell’s favorite color is yellow? But I guess that’s Bobby for you! Enjoy!



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First Blood: Cycle Collaboration