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Kyler Watson
Staple-- Basically as I remember her.

I've been skating Accels since I was a kid (11-- I'm now 30) with a brief period of infidelity when I moved to Reynolds 2's. I don't really have anything to say that hasn't already been said. Aside from perhaps the Sal 23 or the Half Cab they're probably the most iconic, staple shoes ever made. I'm still waiting on es to capitalize on iPath's demise and release a mid-top, puffy tongue Accel as a spiritual successor to the Grasshopper-- (kind of like the Emerica Miner; also a great shoe!). Not a fan of the, "not puffy tongue" Accel Slim. I'm very happy this shoe is still in production. I think Sole Tech kind of dropped the ball with Emerica (what happened to The Ellington 1, Johnson 1/OG, Reynolds 2/3, OG Tilt, or the Miner? Why didn't you ever give Reynolds and the Baker kids the Rowley Classic clone they really wanted? For shame!) so it's nice to know I can stay fully packed. (with a fat rugged stack). Anyway. All the best.


Been a classis, still a perfect shoe.

Jacob Lee
Comfy AF

Puffy shoes take me back to MY golden age. Love these gd things.

Sean oconnor

such a great shoe 20 years later after my first pair.

Miles Berkland
Dream come true

I’ve wanted a pair of these for 20 years. Finally got a pair and they are awesome. I’m a huge fan of big, bulky shoes. 5 stars!