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Dude, these shoes ar…

Dude, these shoes are incredible. Never again will i waste my money on brands like Ernie's or Vans. These are easily the most comfortable skate shoes I have ever worn. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Love these shoes and…

Love these shoes and durability but you HAVE to put insoles in these. After a while it feels like you're walking on the ground itself.

These are my favorit…

These are my favorite sk8 shoes. Nuff said.

white denim
As a long time custo…

As a long time customer of es I have a lot of history to compare to on this review. Growing up skating the original Accel shoes before they were called OG I know that this shoe stands up to all my long formed standards of a great skate shoe. They cut down on the bulk of the shoe without affecting its quality and or the iconic silhouette. After skatinging in these non stop since purchasing them a few weeks ago I am just now starting to break through on a few small spots on the toe cap area. The sole almost looks untouched and grippy like they were the day I took them out of their box. Honestly my only complaints are how quickly they sell out and the fact there were no spare laces which were mandatory back in the day (ripping through laces has been the only thing on the shoe not holding up over the weeks of skating) Already have purchased a few more pairs in different colors for back ups. Highly recommend getting a pair for your next skate shoe

Super comfortable an…

Super comfortable and supportive feel great while doing street or in the park probably one of my favorite shoes I've ever bought in general