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Matt Avila
Eos shoe

I specifically like this shoe because it’s ready to skate out the box unlike other shoes that you have to slate a couple times so they break in. I also like how slim the shoe so there’s no movement on the inside. This shoe hugs your feet for perfect board feel.

Matthew Penninger
Great shoes

I love my EOS’s can’t wait to skate them, very comfortable

Leonard Watkins

I love my shoes it's been really hard to find them in store's so I'm Glade I could still buy them on your web page thanks for a great quality of product in your shoes

tre carroll
This shoe is amazing

I was having second thoughts when buying them over the accel's but I'm glad I did becuase these shoes have a clean sleek design, are very comfortable all-around and are durable. I love thesr shoes and will definitely buy more and I LOVE the éS logo on the side!

I was SUPER skeptica…

I was SUPER skeptical on this shoe but decided to buy it anyway and try it out. Figured it'd be identical to an accel slim which to be honest it kind of is. Just different suede paneling and the most bummer of a difference is the sizing. It fits half a size large in my opinion, I like a snug fit and semi loose laces, which is how the accel slims work for me every time, but with that being said the Eos is still a great shoe and worth your time and money.