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Le Delawing
Top quality

Love these shorts, quality is top notch

John McJohnson
Hyper Beauty Shorts!

Love these shorts they are super comfortable although I wish the material was a bit stronger. There is a minor tear in them already. I would still buy more though

Daniel Janton
Hyper beauty shorts

These shorts are hyper beautiful

Disappointed és customer
Poor quality materials, poor customer service

So... these look good. Stylish. Comfortable. The waistband is a nice "high school letter jacket" feel. That's where the good ends. They are by far the least durable mesh shorts I've ever bought. They started fraying and little white fray flakes started showing up after just one wear, without skating in them. If you skate in them they will get SHREDDED! After a few wears, they are showing the fray a lot now. Es needs to talk with someone about manufacturing better mesh that doesn't fray and wear and looks years old after 1 or 2 times wearing them. Also, customer service took almost 2 weeks and about 5 emails/IG DMs to respond. Basically don't count on their free return they advertise as who knows if they'll get back to you. And don't count on skating these or even wearing them without them falling apart. Bummer cuz they look and feel cool. Just shoddy materials and bad customer service. They didn't even acknowledge the way these were falling apart, just accepted my return on the smaller size (i ordered 2) Size 38-40 waist needs XXL.