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Justin Nunokawa
best of both worlds

had the accel ogs and slims, this is right in between and stylish af too
10/10 would recommend

Namcy Khoury

They were for my son. He likes them. They must be nice because he is fussy

Richard Wheeler
Love this take on a classic

The Quattro was my favorite shoe 20 years ago in highschool so I was stoked to see it come back. The new sc sole works great and I think is an improvement overall. Really like the silhouette too. I’ve actually bought a few colorways already. Will say I prefer the suede/nubuck models over leather. Also miss some of the icon/logo placements from the original. Also noticed the newest colors are using a tighter weave mesh side panel. I liked the mesh more on the earlier colors. All on all a great shoe. Fits great. Skates great.

Run extremely small

They say to go a half size up but between the pointed toe box & slim fit I had to go from my normal size of 10 to an 11 to get a decent fit. Never had that issue before. Maybe a half size up or down depending on brand but not an entire size! If you add insoles you might have to even go up a size to a size & a half! Careful if ordering without trying on first. Otherwise great design. I wish all the color options available now were available when I got these & there were only 2 variations.

Best Shoe

They felt completely broken in right out of the box and skated better than any other pair of shoes Iv worn. I have skated this shoe for three months which never happens. If you like a larger shoe and even if you don’t, I highly recommend trying these. they are reliable and comfortable end of story :).