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This item is from the Fall 2011 season and might not be available anymore. (View current season)

Square Two Fusion Joe Brook
Black White Silver


Waxed Canvas

Designed by skateboard photographer Joe Brook.

“When Scuba Steve called me and asked if I wanted to do a shoe with éS, I instantly said yes. I always wear the Accel, and the Square Two is the new slim version of that shoe. I picked the waxed canvas because I always wear suede, and I wanted this shoe to look a little different than all the other ones out there. I grew up working construction, so the material reminds me of that. It looks tough, yet very clean. I’m super hyped and it’s an honor to get a shoe.”

Clean sidewalls and one-piece toe cap provide a new take on the team favorite, now with Fusion construction = stronger, lighter, better. STI Fusion technology changes everything. Using a patent pending 21st century process, the outsole, midsole, and upper are fused together, which creates an unbreakable bond. The result is a cold cemented shoe with a vulcanized look that is more durable, comfortable, flexible, and lighter weight than previous generations. Best of all, the shoes are greener to produce because less glue and energy is required. Welcome to the revolution!



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Square Two Fusion Joe Brook